chapter  4
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Rehearsal Planning

A rehearsal schedule will need to be constructed which anticipates the practical needs of the cast and director in rehearsal. For a production with a standing set and six characters this will not be a particularly trying task but for a musical the schedule would have to include the teaching and rehearsal of solo numbers, the teaching and rehearsal of dance numbers and the rehearsal of acting scenes. Such rehearsals have difference space requirements and all actors will have to go to wardrobe fittings, so with this sort of production the rehearsal scheduling has to be done well in advance. It is also necessary nowadays to take into account the permitted working hours of an acting company both in performance and rehearsal. There are limits laid down by Equity, the actor's union, and the technically affiliated unions detailing a fixed number of hours that can be worked by a performer without overtime. If overtime is worked you must be sure that there is a budgetary allocation for it and that any such overtime is monitored. Overtime payment is one of the reasons why it is essential that rehearsal time is very carefully structured.