Chronology of East Africa
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Casablanca Massacre in Morocco. Sadat is assassinated; Hosni Mubarak succeeds him Sudan adopts Sharia (Islamic holy) law against wishes of non·Muslim south; civil war breaks out First free elections in Egypt OAU admits Western Saharan representatives; Morocco leaves OAU. Military coup in Sudan US bombs Tripoli, Libya. Elections end military rule in Sudan Economic hardship causes civil unrest to escalate in Algeria Libyan military aircraft shot down by US. Opposition parties legalized in Algeria. Multiparty elections in Tunisia Military coup in Sudan. Union of Arab Maghreb (UAM) founded Famine in Sudan threatens 8,000,000 people. 50,000 Berbers demonstrate in Algeria after Berber language is outlawed

US and British courts blame Libya for terrorist attacks on civilian airplanes. Ruling party in Algeria refuses to allow second round of legislative elections to be held after losing to radical Front d'lslamic Salvation (FIS) in the first; FIS is banned. Ceasefire declared in Westem Sahara U N's demand that Libya tums over suspected terrorists is refused; sanctions are imposed. Rioting in Algeria and president is assassinated; military coup

1993 Islamic militants in Egypt clash with security forces and attack foreign tourists

Algeria's military rulers install Liamine Zeroual as president Zeroual elected president in multiparty elections; Islamic militants continue terror campaign in Algeria and plant bombs in France. Mubarak cracks down on Islamic militants. Government and rebels declare cease·fires in Sudan Unrest continues in Algeria. Anti·Oaddafi protestors shot dead in Libya Sudan's government offers to hold a referendum on the future of the south Libya seeks to end its pariah status by handing over the two suspects responsible for the Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie in 1986 for trial in a Scottish court on Dutch soil; civil war continues in Algeria, but newly elected president Abdelaziz Bouteflika offers compromises in government policy to end the conflict; in Morocco, Hassan II dies and is succeeded as king by his son Sidi Mohamed

to 1000 CE .