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Chronology of West Africa

French defeat Empire of Rabih and Mossi states Asante annexed to Gold Coast Sokoto conquered by British. Mauritania becomes a French protectorate (colony) Wadai defeated by French All West Africa, except Liberia, under European domination West African troops fight on both sides in World War I. Germany defeated in Togoland & Kameruns military campaigns German colonies of Togoland & Kameruns occupied by Britain and France West African troops fight on Allied side in World War II

African Unity founded (OAU) 1966 Popular uprising in Upper Volta topples president; military

rule is installed. Military coups in Ghana and Nigeria. Antigovernment guerrilla activity begins in Chad Military coups in Dahomey, Sierra Leone, and Togo. Twelve-state structure introduced in Nigeria; Biafran (Nigerian Civil) War begins End of military rule in Dahomey. Military coup in Mali

The Asante Empire (1670s-1896) produces many of these gold· weights, actually brass weights that were used to weigh gold dust.