chapter  6
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Physical and Biological Feasibility and Consequences

It is physically and biologically possible to do a great many things in and with the forests of the United States, if one does not count the costs or consider the impacts of some particular line of action on other outputs and uses of the forest. We really do not know the limits of what is physically and biologically possible with our forests because we have never expended much effort in trying to measure or estimate such potentiality. Particular management actions have physical and biological consequences in terms of later timber stand and later forest use that are not always well understood in advance. In this chapter, as in most others, the discussion should consider separately each of the forest uses, but-as elsewhere-the best information (though imperfect) is for wood production. 1

The area and amount of wilderness use of which American forests are physically and biologically capable depends upon how fussy one is in defining both the wilderness experience and the wilderness area.