chapter  2
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Principles for supporting writing

Teaching children how to write has many pitfalls. This chapter oudines some principles that may help to avoid those pitfalls so that all children can progress as writers.

The National Curriculum inclusion statements (DfEE/QCA 1999) underpin teaching and learning. Consider how these apply to our support of writing:

1. Removing barriers to learning. This statement is to do with all children having access to the curriculum, in this context the writing curriculum. Children with physical difficulties need special consideration with regard to where they sit in class. Children with sensory difficulties may need special equipment to enable them to engage. Other types of bar­ riers, often emotional, may be less obvious. If a child feels that he/she cannot ‘do’ a particular task, then this is a barrier to learning. We all know the ‘I can’t do it’ scenario. Problems such as lack of adequate spoken language, poor spelling and lack of motivation can all act as barriers to success in writing.