chapter  3
Development of the Strategy
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While the vision of sustainable development was developed by the technical committee, the main players in the formulation of the strategy were the public, who were consulted throughout the country in a series of workshops aiming to build a consensus on environmental priorities. A total of 23 meetings were held at different locations over a period of two months, involving consultation with over 3,000 people. The meetings lasted half a day and involved two separate gatherings at each location: first, representatives of the government departments, such as civil servants and extension workers; and second, leading members of the bai tos, or village councils, who were selected by the Ministry of Local Government, as well as representatives of religious groups, NGOs, commercial organizations, and other interested parties. The purpose of having separate meetings was to ensure that the community leaders would be completely free to make their views known and would not feel inhibited by the presence of the government officials.