chapter  6
Implementation and Anticipated Results
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The first step is to prepare and pass the Eritrean Environment Act. This will establish the EAE which will be attached to the Ministry of Local Government and which will be a government agency. The powers of the Agency will be specified and will include responsibilities to coordinate the implementation of the NEMP-E and catalyse action in the environmental field.

The EAE will seek to encourage the development of environmental programmes in population, monitoring, water, health, land management, forestry, human settlements, energy, national parks, coastal-zone management, industry and waste management, information, and group strengthening. In particular, emphasis will be placed upon increasing the capacity of local people and institutions, through their involvement in planning and implementing programmes. Their attention will be especially directed to the priority areas which were identified in the consultation process. These include arresting land degradation and promoting sustainable agriculture, sustainable energy and water-source development, and improved environmental health and sanitation. The EAE will also be responsible for ensuring that government and private organizations consider the environmental impacts of their economic and development activities and protect the environment.