chapter  I
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The National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP) process in Guinea-Conakry began in 1989 as a result of discussions initiated by the World Bank. The process received considerable financial resources from the Bank, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and UNDP-UNSO, and 80 staff were quickly recruited to the Cellule d'appui an plan d'action environmental (CAPAE). This was located in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, although the dominant sponsor was the now disbanded Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. Because the rapid expansion of CAPAE was based on monthly retainers many inappropriate 'collaborators' were recruited, most of whom left the NEAP once the retainers were withdrawn. This created an image problem for the NEAP which, combined with the neglect of awareness-raising and institution-building, meant that the first phase of the NEAP process achieved little success.