chapter  4
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Institutional Arrangements for Implementation

The plan outlines objectives and strategies for each of the programmes and clearly specifies responsibilities to be taken by the different agencies during the implementation process.

In order to foster coordination and integration of environmental issues in the decision-making process, some new structures are being established:

• Environmental units (EUs) are to be established in line ministries to give advice to their respective ministries and act as focal points for planning and integrating environmental considerations into development projects. These units will also ensure that budgetary allocations adequately cover remedial actions, and will be responsible for the preparation and supervision of the EIA

of projects in their ministries, and for liaising with the National Environment Secretariat (NES) for approval of the environmental impact statement. The units will also assist in providing information for preparation of the Annual State of the Environment Report. Regular (monthly) meetings will be scheduled between the NES and the EUs to ensure continuous dialogue and common understanding on various issues.