chapter  2
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Scope and Objectives

The NCS focuses on conservation of Nigeria's main renewable resources, including vegetation and forage, water, fisheries and other marine resources, wild animals, and soil. The overall objective of the NCS is to provide development planning with a long-term, strategic approach to the management of natural resources and their uses. Specific objectives are:

• maintenance of genetic diversity to ensure permanence in the supply of materials to satisfy basic human needs and improve the well-being of society;

• protection of the environment, eg protection of catchment areas to enhance water resources and check soil erosion, protection of grazing lands against desert encroachment, and the stabilization of coastal environments;

• regulation of environmental balances in relation to such factors as carbon dioxide emission levels and biogeochemical cycles;

• maintaining the scientific value of natural ecosystems, the study of which is required to enhance conservation, to improve the management of human systems, and to provide clues to technical innovations in agriculture, medicine and industry; and

• enhancing the amenity value of natural resources, including aesthetic, heritage, religious, sentimental, ethical and recreational values on which tourism may be built.