chapter  2
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Scope and Objectives

It is noteworthy that the overall goal of the NCS is a social one, while the NCS process concentrated on the environmental and resource management aspects of development. This emphasis was due in part to the dominant 'conservation for development' ethic of the 1980 World Conservation Strategy. In the NCS document much attention was paid to development threats to the environment, and also to natural resource potentials for development. The strategy document's analysis was organized around development sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, mining and industry, and their implications for conservation. Social aspects in the strategy received scant attention in spite of the NCS's overall social goal. This was partly due to a lack of NCS participants with specific training in social sciences. The population issue was recognized as important, however, principally in terms of the growing aggregate demand for resources and the likely environmental and health consequences, rather than aspects of equity and participation.