chapter  7
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MRDASW Ministry of Reclamation and Development of Arid, Semi-arid areas and Wastelands

MTNRE Ministry of Tourism, Natural Resources and the Environment

MWEMEP Ministry of Water, Energy, Minerals and Environmental Protection

NACCR National Advisory Committee on Conservation of Renewable Resources

NARESCON Natural Resources Conservation Council

NCC National Conservation Committee

NCDP National Commission for Development Planning

NCE National Committee for the Environment

NCS National Conservation Strategy

NCSS National Conservation Strategy Secretariat

NCSSD National Conservation Strategy for Sustainable Development

NEAP National Environmental

Action Plan NEC National Environmental


NEMA National Environmental Management Authority

NEMC National Environmental Management Council

NEMP-E National Environmental Management Plan for Eritrea

NEP National Environmental Policy

NEPA National Environmental Protection Authority

NES National Environment Secretariat

NGO Non-governmental Organization

NORAD Norwegian Agency for International Development

NRCC Natural Resources Conservation Council

NRHSD Natural Resources and Human Settlement Department

NR/v1 National Resistance Movement

OAU Organization of African Unity

ODA Official Development Assistance

ONCCP Office of the National Committee for Central Planning

PEAP Provincial Environmental Action Plan

PRA Participatory Rural Appraisal

PTC Planning and Technical Committee

RCS Regional Conservation Strategy

REAP Regional Environmental Action Plan

RECC Regional Environmental Coordinating Committee

SIDA Swedish International Development Authority

SRCS Serengeti Regional

Conservation Strategy

SWRI Serengeti Wildlife Research Institute

TANAPA Tanzanian National Parks

TCGE Technical Consultative Group on Environment

TFAP Tropical Forestry Action Plan

TGE Transitional Government of Ethiopia

UK United Kingdom UNCED United Nations Conference

on Environment and Development

UNDP United Nations Development Programme 187







United Nations Environment Programme

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization United Nations SudanoSahelian Office

University of Zambia United Nations Agency for International Development Village Environmental Action Plan





World Conservation Strategy

Ward Environmental Action Plan

Ministry of Water, Energy, Minerals and Environmental Protection

World Resources Institute Worldwide Fund For Nature

Zonal Environmental Coordinating Committee