chapter  1
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Introduction and Summary

The Pakistan National Conservation Strategy (NCS) began with a two-year start-up phase, followed by three years of preparation, during which time a strategy document was prepared, reviewed, revised and submitted for cabinet approval. The NCS document was approved in 1992. The main implementation phase was launched with a donors' conference in January 1993, although some implementation began in 1991, with allocations in the federal budgets for 1991-92 and 1992-93. The implementation plan emphasized institutional strengthening and capacity-building and recognized that, although the strategic design must not be buried under a pile of individual projects, projects are important, because they are the most visible evidence of implementation. The strategy is now being extended into the provinces, with the development of provincial conservation strategies. In 1992 work began on the first of these: the Sarhad Provincial Conservation Strategy in the North West Frontier Province.