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We would like to thank a number of people for help in the discussions and research that preceded this report. In particular, thanks are due to: Tim Lang (Parents for Safe Food), Mark Ritchie (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy), Pam Simmons, Simon Fairlie, Larry Lohmann, Patrick McCully (The Ecologist), Richard Hindmarsh (Griffith University), Peter Bane (The Permaculture Activist), George Sobol (Permaculture Associa­ tion - Britain), Bill Barclay, Meriel Watts, Melanie Miller (Greenpeace), Christine Stevens (Animal Welfare Institute), Michael Fox (The Humane Society of the United States), Isabel Bermejo (CODA/CEPA), Thymio Papayannis (MedWet CoG), Robin Jenkins (Food Commission), Donald Worster (University of Kansas), Mark Purdey (High Barn Farm), Robyn Van En (Indian Line Farm), Christina Groh (Buschberghof), Rosamund Young (Kite’s Nest Farm), Pippa Woods (Small Farmers’ Association), Jan Juffermans (De Kleine Aarde), David Gibbon (University of East Anglia), Andy Daw (Worcestershire College of Agriculture), Joanne Bower (The Farm and Food Society), Richard Young (Soil Association), Siobhan Mellon, Patrick Holden, Oliver Dowding (British Organic Farmers), Julian Rose (Association of Unpasteurised Milk Producers and Consumers), Alistair Smith (Food Matters), Alan Gear (Henry Doubleday Research Association), John Jearons (Ecology Action of the Midpeninsular), George Porter (Pacific Institute of Resource Management), Arthur Getz, Tony Andersen, George Chan, Robert Waller, David Gordon, Nigel Harle, Sandy Irvine, Harriet Festing, The Men of the Trees (Australia), Members of the SAFE Alliance, together with others, too numerous to mention, who have discussed ideas with us and made suggestions.