chapter  11
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Design and Technology H elen M ount

Helen Mount The delivery of technology is a subject which continues to generate passions and controversy among professionals. This chapter aims to unravel some of the perceived mysteries and assist those teachers who may be experiencing difficulties. It should also provide clarification for those teachers who have attempted to deliver a broad, balanced and relevant design and technology curriculum to pupils who have learning difficulties through topic-based/thematic or modular approaches (Byers, 1990; Mount and Ackerman, 1991; Rose et a l ., 1994). It is neither necessary nor particularly relevant to spend time examining the detail of the first requirements for technology when the National Curriculum was in its infancy but a brief overview of the original statutory requirements, the nature of the subject and some of the problems encountered will provide the background to the current changes. The main requirements of the current orders will be discussed in more detail and practical suggestions for delivering the design and technology capability within this framework will then be offered.