chapter  16
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Assessment A nn Lewis

The Task Group on Assessment and Testing (TGAT) produced a report (DES/WO, 1988) which described assessment as being at the heart of promoting children’s learning. It emphasised the potential breadth of assessment instruments and noted that these might encompass interviews, various tasks and quizzes. One should add ‘observation’ as a key assessment tool in relation to pupils with special needs. The common goal of these various approaches is to obtain valid information about a pupil’s attainments. Importantly, the TGAT Report stressed that the assessment process ‘is the servant, not the master, of the curriculum’ (para 4). It is worth reiterating the TGAT Report’s stance:

In many ways the TGAT Report’s vision of the nature of National Curriculum linked assessment has been lost or forgotten. However, although the details are now different, the principles remain valid.