chapter  12
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Reading Recovery − Does it Work and is it Cost-effective?

Reading Recovery (RR) is an early intervention programme aimed at accelerating the reading progress of children who have failed to reach the expected level of achievement by the end of their first year in school. This first year in school aiiows a child time to settle into the classroom system but not to become totaily disiiiusioned by repeated failures. The programme targets the lowest achieving pupils to help them to function within their own class at an average level. The children receive one-to-one instruction for 30 minutes each day for between 12 and 20 weeks by which time it is hoped the majority of pupils can return to their own classes. If a child is not ready to discontinue the programme after 20 weeks, he or she may be referred for additional support of a more long-tenn nature. RR aims to teach non-readers to become 'active, independent problem-solvers, who learn because they read and write' (Wright, 1992: 351).