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Involving the learner

Involving children in their IEPs is also a good way of embedding IEPs into the system. If children expect to be involved in their IEP, staff will continue to use them.

(Tod etal. 1998)

In order to derive meaningful IEP targets, the primary concern is, by involving the learner, to gain some understanding of the internal and environmental factors and circumstances impacting on the learner and to do three things with this knowledge:

• to understand and be able to use appropriate language and descriptors of the learner’s needs to generate both targets and evaluative statements for IEPs;

• to match the learner’s needs with reasonable adjustments to the environment (physical, social and organisational) and appropriate planned action by the teacher and the school, through the IEPs;

• to make certain that the learner’s progress is charted and shared in a meaningful way in the context of longer-term curriculum goals, and to raise their standard of academic success.