chapter  3
Pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties
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Pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD) have a special education need and should be on the school’s register of special education need. The identification and assessment of EBD is problematic. There is widespread, interchangeable and inappropriate use of a broad range of terms to describe pupils with EBD (Daniels et al. 1998). This problem of definition gives rise to inconsistent identification of pupils with EBD between, and within, local education authorities and schools. Attempts by Government (DfE 1994, DfEE 1997) and authors (e.g. Cooper 1996, Charl­ ton and David 1993) to define this group do so largely in terms of a contin­ uum of behaviour. This leads to a greater emphasis upon behavioural difficulties and less emphasis upon emotional difficulties (Maras 1996, Bowers 1996, Greenhalgh 1994).