chapter  14
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Developing a Context for Learning

Materials should invite exploration, and be appropriately housed and look appetising. The teacher is responsible for the basic organisation of the classroom, and needs to ensure that:

• pencils are always sharp and stored attractively (see Figure 14.1);

• there are enough for children to make informed choices;

• wax crayons are clean with a selection of sizes and types;

• pastels' colours are clearly visible; • pastels, crayons and oil pastels are distinguishable; Figure 14.1 Storing pencils • felt pens can be selected according to colour, size

and type; • only water-based felt pens are available; • paper is available in different weights, sizes and colours; • draft paper is that - not scrap; • paintbrushes are clean, sorted and not used for glue; • paint is stored in small, separate containers; • modelling materials are attractively sorted and stored; • a range of non-toxic glues and spatulas is available; • sharp scissors are readily available.