chapter  4
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Effective individual education plans

What are the essential requirements for producing a good quality IEP that is functional, effective and useful to staff, pupil and parents alike? I would suggest that the following points need to be considered:

• Progress should be charted from recognisable baselines. • It should contain concise and relevant information about the pupil - think

about who needs what information, in what form and for what purpose. • Available expertise in the school should be used for the skills and strategies

that are needed to support the pupil. • It should form the basis of a partnership between school, pupil, parents and

outside agencies (where involved). • It should map clear roles and responsibilities for all of those involved. • It must state provision for the child which is different or in addition to

general school provision. • It should be monitored by staff, pupil, parents and outside agencies (where

involved) to evaluate the success of learning and progress made. • Most importantly, it must be both managed and manageable if it is to

succeed in its effectiveness.