chapter  11
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Waste and Recycling

Nowadays, activities of local councils in regulating waste management are increasingly dictated by central government 3 (notably by stressing 'arm's length' activities), leaving LAs virtually acting as agents. However the House of Commons Select Committee on the Environment has criticized the Government for lacking an overall recycling strategy. For example, when the concept of recycling credits was recently introduced, local authorities were unable to give much in the way of guidance, as the information was slow to emerge from the DoE. Protracted confusion has also existed over the changes in disposal site licensing procedures. Hence councillors and officials may be wary of doing much more than putting a superficial veneer on the practice of waste management, as they are unable to promote radical solutions. On the recycling front one collection authority has even publicly complained that its refusal to submit a recycling plan emerged from its inability to find the money to undertake the activities for which it was required to plan.