chapter  9
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A Mew Economy and die B u it Environment

Our built environment is the physical result of economic decisions and the involvement of individuals and organizations in the economy. Chapter 7 looked at the CentrO Shopping Centre in Germany and discussed the social impacts of such a development. As a modem temple of consumption, CentrO is the outcome of a fairly simplistic economic supposition: if we build it, people will come and spend lots of money. The impact on the wider environment through pollution, materials use and energy use, and on the immediate built environment through land use and transport generation is not considered. Looked at in this way, we can see that our economy and the type of decisions it promotes will have a great impact on our built environment. This means that if there are problems within our built environment, then at least part of the blame must be laid at the door of the economy. Following this through, if we need to remedy these problems to produce a sustainable built environment, then we need to adjust the economy and make it sustainable.