chapter  9
Developed Country Experience and its Relevance to Developing Countries
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The experience of one country does not readily transfer to another. Particularly problematic is the transfer of developed country experience to developing countries because of differences in the stages of develop­ ment, and in culture, traditions and political and administrative infrastructure, among others. Nevertheless, there are lessons to be learned from other country experience which either transcend these differences or at least could be sifted through for relevant elements. With regard to economic instruments, developed countries have a relatively longer experience which may help developing countries just beginning to experiment with such instruments to avoid earlier errors or to follow more promising routes of experimentation. In this chapter we briefly review developed country experience and examine its applic­ ability to developing country conditions. The main categories of instruments covered in this review are the following: (a) market creation; (b) fiscal instruments; (c) charge systems; and (d) depositrefund systems.