chapter  5
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Mikado – From Spiritual Emperor to Enlightened Sovereign

This chapter examines the position of the Tenn within or rather, vis-a-vis the Meiji state. The role of the Tenn has gained mostly through an analysis of the legal norms governing the organs of state under the Meiji Constitution; it is useful to complement it through an analysis of the norms governing the interna of the Imperial Household. The Imperial House Law was promulgated at the same time as the constitution and the attendant laws on state organization like the Imperial Ordinance Concerning the House of Peers, the Law of the Houses, the Law of Election, and the Law of Finance. The Imperial House Law was promulgated unilaterally, with the advice of the Privy Council only and without any contractual elements. Their main means in doing so was the parallel promulgation of constitution and Imperial House Law, as generally the separation of Imperial Court and government.