chapter  8
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Leaders in Change: the Way to Official Language Reform

This chapter expresses one of the few general treatments of Japanese leadership and Nakan Chies Japanese Society. Nakane presents what one is tempted to call the theory of the weak leaders. She says Japanese leaders do not have to excel in objective qualities such as intelligence, efficiency, or merit. Leaders simply bundle what comes up to them via vertical and concatenated oyabun-koban relationships and cast it back into the group. They must be careful to be weak rather than overwhelming. Eight of the nine Utopian communities it came in contact with have been founded and guided by a charismatic leader. It is fitting; therefore, to ask whether the common social form also entails commonalities among the leaders, and whether these conform to Nakanes picture of Japanese leadership. The chapter presents brief biographical sketches of four of the communes' leaders, Nishida Tenk, Ozaki Masutar, Yaoi Nissh, and Fukuzato Niwa.