chapter  10
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The 'Unique' Character of the Emperor – the Main Leaders of Modern Japan?

The best-known of all Japanese communist leaders has been in the news in the last few years. Nosaka Sanz, said to one of the founders of the Japanese Communist Party in 1922, was expelled from the party and stripped of the title of honorary chairman in 1992. US officials had aware of Nosaka during the Second World War, and when it ended and the occupation began they placed other Japanese communist leaders, particularly Tokuda Kyichi and Shiga Yoshio, under closer surveillance. During the Second World War, the Japanese Communist Party, or Kysant, was repressed by the government. Nosaka was seen as a moderate communist leader because he proposed an initial period of democracy or democratic capitalism, would eventually lead to its own downfall and the establishment of socialism in Japan, a country which was not at that moment ready for immediate socialism.