chapter  15
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The Spy Activities of Terasaki Hidenari in the US and his Role in Japanese-American Relations

Ozawa Ichir is a great political survivor. Nursed on the no-nonsense democracy is about numbers logic of the era of Tanaka Kakuei, Ozawa would later play a key role in bringing Tanaka's reign to an end, thus securing the premiership for the eternally patient Takeshita Noboru. The rapid rise of Ozawa in Tanaka's affections and trust belies the difficulties the young man had in making his way to Tanaka's door. This extraordinary career has made Ozawa one of the most important politicians of his generation. His impact on the course of party politics has been little short of astonishing. Ozawa won official Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) backing and in due course became a member of the Sat faction. During the decade from Tanaka's conviction until Miyazawa's resignation brought the LDP's near monopoly on power to an end that is from 1983 until 1993 Ozawa emerged the dominant personality at the heart of Japanese party politics.