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A Note on Language and Naming

However during my first year in the field, I discovered a dictionary and a grammar of Sa by Tattevin, held at Baie Barrier mission station. This was subsequently typed by Father Tony ver Braeken, a D utch Marist priest (resident at Baie Barrier from 1972-77 and then 1979-83). Because of linguistic change and because these were based on a different dialect than the one I was using they were not wholly congruent with my own slip file dictionary. I have translated both of these into English. Subsequent to my fieldwork, a description and analysis of the language was done by George Elliott a Church of Christ missionary who worked on the west coast of Pentecost from 1971-3 (Elliott, 1976). David Walsh has subsequently recorded and analysed more of Sa and two other cognate languages in the south. Darrell Tryon and myself have collaborated with M ark Bebe a native speaker of Sa and a fluent speaker of English to try to produce an elementary dictionary for local use.