chapter  1
Prologue: challenge and stalemate in symbolism
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The production of the Ring which was planned for the 19245 season of the Basel Municipal Theatre represented the fulfilment of a dream for both Appia and Wlterlin. The maidens approach one by one, to stand directly above him as they explain how only he who renounces love can forge the gold into a ring and through it control the world. Appia and Wlterlin were fortunate indeed in the dedicated support they received from their colleagues at the Basel Theatre. A former pupil and long-time friend of Dalcroze, Dr Gustave Gldenstein, who taught at the Basel Academy of Music, was commissioned to instruct the actors in eurhythmics. Despite such inauspicious circumstances, the Prometheus appears to have been a substantial success, both as an application of Appias ideas to the new material of Greek drama, and in the favour it found with the public, including even those critics who had withheld full approval of the Ring productions.