chapter  2
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Evolution from the silent to the sound film. The duality of music during this transitional period in film history.

The appearance of sound cinema was keenly anticipated all over the world. The Soviet Union did not keep aloof from discussing the problem of what a sound film should be like. At the end of the '20s, a heated discussion was carried on in the press. Some critics insisted upon a 'talking' (speech) film, others considered it to be a purely sound (that is, 'noisy') one, still others thought of it as a new 'film-opera'. The debates grew ever more vehement untit in 1928, an important document, The future of the Sound Film: a Declaration, was published. The authors were three leading directors, Eisenstein, Pudovkin and Alexandrov. Contrary to current predictions of the inevitable ruin of cinema as art, which would be caused by the introduction of sound, they solemnly announced the beginning of a new era.