chapter  3
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General characteristics of the main types of musical dramaturgy in the 1930s and early '40s.

The appearance of sound cinema brought about an essential change in the interrelation between screen action and music which had existed off-frame in the silent film. In a sound picture, music was introduced into the artistic structure of the film; moreover, it had become a competent element of screen synthesis, with the following demarcation between its off-frame and onframe functions, as well as the ways of its presentation. As a rule, the off-frame music (expressing the director's standpointin treating the subject) served as generalization and' worked' for the idea of the film, governing the processes of perception and evoking a certain emotional response from the audience to the actions and conduct of the characters. The on-frame music (documentary - realistic) was meant to specify the place and time of screen events, and to reveal the social status of the characters and their ideological world-outlook.