chapter  25
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The zenith of musical achievements in the directors' cinema of the '60s: music for the films The Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors, Andrei Rublev and No Ford in the Fire.

Sergei Paradjanov's film The Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors shook both the public and professional critics. The film is also known under the title 'The Fiery Horses'IS. Local critics proclaimed it the beginning of a Ukrainian 'new wave', a film which restored the traditions of Ukrainian romantic cinema, one of whose sources was Alexander Dovzhenko, the famous director of the '20s-'30s. The action of the film, made after Kotsubinsky's tale of the same name, took place at the beginning of the 20th century in a small Guzul village in Western Ukraine. The plot of this film, very intimate in character, is as follows.