chapter  Chapter 6
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Beyond Medicine: Alternative Therapies for HIV

WithRobert M. Ariss†, Gary W. Dowsett

The Australian Medical Acupuncture Society, for example, has a membership of six hundred, all of them doctors who include acupuncture in their practice. More broadly, about 2,000 general medical practitioners are interested in alternative therapies, many of them members of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. These modalities are not recognized by the federal health system, Medicare, leaving the client to pay the full cost of consultations and prescriptions. The federal government’s refusal to legitimize such therapies through its welfare system signals the state’s allegiance to allopathic medicine and the marginality of the practices themselves. To Young, the emerging scientific construction of HIV infection as a chronic manageable illness is more appealing than the rigors of self-care demanded by alternative therapies.