chapter  6
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A rhythm can be considered to be syncopated if A l h o f p n Q Q it emphasizes a weak division, and non-syncopated if it emphasizes a strong division. For example, ® ® when you say the word Albatross, its non-syncopated natural rhythm is the Anapest (short/ short/ long):

The word becomes syncopated when the weak i 1 . i syllable 'ba' receives greater length (accent) than ^ LI U o D normal, becoming an Amphibrach: w^ mim

In rhythmic notation (notice the use of an accent mark to inform the reader to 'bring out' the syn­

Maxim #87: Syncopation is a violent distortion of a normal accentual (metric) pattern. Any rhythm that heavily accents those divisions of a measure (or beat) which are metrically weaker is syncopated.