chapter  4
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A New Presidency, June 1994 Spring 1996

The 1994 Constitution specified that Belarus would elect its first president. The election date was established as 23 June 1994. The regulations stated that each candidate must obtain the signatures of seventy parliamentary dep uties or 100,000 signatures from the electorate. The signatures were subject to an inspection process from 15 to 27 May, after which candidates could begin their campaigns in earnest. Each candidate was also given the sum of BR20 million for his campaign, and none were permit to solicit or receive contributions from abroad. Stringent rules were also laid out for the election itself: at least 50% of the eligible voters had to go to the polls for the election to be valid, and the winning candidate required more than 50% of the vote to win. If there was no outright winner on the first vote, a run-off would be held two weeks after the declaration of the official results.