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Every time You Go Away ... You Take a Piece of Me With You

Within the thea trica l space, the locus from w hich these discourses emanate is primarily the consciousness and the corporeality of the actor. The transposition of these discourses from the actor to the specta tor occurs through the med iatory body of the ac t itself, the character, w hich is the product of the violation of the actor, and the victim of the violence of sp ectator hip. As the signifying bodies of meaning in the performance, the characters are continually subject to the spectator's perceptive s tructures, which impos mea ning upon them, just as they have theoretically imposed upon, or violated, both mentally and physically, the actor. It can thus be argued that the violence inherent in the process of acting is

mediated through the space by the phantom presence of the character, and potentially imposed upon the spectator, through the relationship the spectator forms with the character. The violation of the actor and the spectator by these discourses may potentially induce some form of catharsis. Primarily this occurs for the actor whose identity is not only violated by an "other", but who symbolically lives the life of an "other". As Grotowski has theorised, the extent to which this violation penetrates the actor is relatable to the extent of the catharsis induced.