chapter  5
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Pavlovian General Psychopathology

The history of scientific attempts to correlate psychopathology with pathological brain functions began in the mid-nineteenth century. From that period a long line of investigators, belonging to different schools, searched in different directions but always entertained that basic thought. Diseases are clinical manifestations, in which well-described psychopathology is manifest. Pavlovian psychopathology was derived from Pavlovian physiology of the highest nervous functions (psychology) and deals with the unbalance of this particular aspect of human functioning. The concepts of psychopathology of the relational—emotional—structural organization have also been adapted to this physiological framework. It is based on the observation of animals after the removal of their cerebral hemispheres and of humans under the influence of narcotics. The psychopathology of mood, which also belongs to the relational—affective—structure, is based on observations from the period during which Pavlov was working with dynamic stereotypes.