chapter  6
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Pavlovian Clinical Psychopathology

The concepts of the Pavlovian brain model and of general psychopathology were applied clinically, primarily in the study of the neuroses but also in the study of the psychoses. They led to therapeutic implications. Following the early presentation by Pavlov and Shenger-Krestovnikova of a condition resembling human neurosis that could be experimentally induced in animals, the interest in experimental neurosis increased greatly. In psychiatric circles, Masserman, among others, saw the importance of the existence of a method that might be able to produce a condition resembling human neurosis, recognizing the importance of the fact that under experimental conditions the patho-mechanisms and manifestations of neurosis could be studied. Pavlov's concepts attracted notice, and even Schilder (then already psychoanalytically oriented) remarked, in an article on the somatic basis of the neurosis, that all the symptoms of human neurosis could be found in Pavlov's experimentally produced neurosis of dogs.