chapter  2
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Brief History of Gambling in Chinese Societies

ByDesmond Lam

This chapter shows a love for gambling that appears natural to the Chinese and that they are generally comfortable with the vice of gambling, for better or worse. The Chinese have a long history of gambling. The Chinese just loved gambling. The variety of gambling games increased gradually. The improved economic conditions, especially in the cities, further fueled the proliferation of gambling activities. Gambling spread from inner cities to the rural countryside. During this period, the Wei kingdom implemented China's first-known ban on gambling activities. Imperial officials remained obsessed with gambling from the Ming to the Qing Dynasties. Some imperial officials in the Qing Dynasty saw gambling dens as a good source of tax revenue. Gambling in various forms has become increasingly popular in mainland China since the Maoist era. During the Han Dynasty, gambling for entertainment was a habit for many top imperial officials.