chapter  3
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Chinese Value Systems

ByDesmond Lam

To understand further why Chinese gamble, this chapter helps to examine the general beliefs and attitudes of modern Chinese people. Frankly, it is hard to pinpoint any traditional Chinese values that directly encourage gambling. Quite the contrary, some scholars have suggested that traditional Chinese values discourage gambling. Fundamental to an understanding of the Chinese people is the recognition that Chinese core values were largely shaped by ideologies from three major religions—Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism—folk religion, and ancient beliefs. Confucianism in particular has had a profound influence on modern Chinese values. Modern Chinese values have largely retained many of the teachings of the three major religions. As a collectivistic group of people, the Chinese clearly define those who are in and out of their inner circles. This system of defining groups can be traced back to values advocated by Confucians. Studies by the Chinese Culture Connection, an international network of scholars, found similar cultural dimensions using Chinese values.