chapter  4
64 Pages

Chinese People’s Aptitude for Gambling

ByDesmond Lam

This chapter examines some of the internalized values that may have promoted gambling among Chinese people. It discusses four Chinese gamblers and then uses research to generalize Chinese gambling behavior. Coupled with unique external environmental forces that the Chinese have been experiencing in recent decades, information included in the chapter explains why the Chinese gamble as much as they do. The willingness to work hard to achieve wealth and fame for himself and his family and ancestors is an important cultural trait that may indirectly influence the Chinese gambling aptitude. Gambling seems to be a major form of entertainment for some Chinese people. Several studies have discovered that Chinese males are more likely to report higher levels of gambling than females. Chinese gambling behavior can also be examined from the portrayal of Chinese gamblers in films and television programs. Obsessions and beliefs in superstitions are commonly portrayed in Chinese gambling-themed movies.