chapter  8
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Secularized Young People

ByAndrew M. Greeley

In an article filed from a meeting of Catholic bishops, perhaps of the committee responsible for media relations, John Allen the perceptive international correspondent of the National Catholic Reporter detailed the sentiments of the Lord's Spiritual on young Catholics. A positive correlation indicates that the younger Catholics are more likely than older Catholics to endorse the propositions while a negative correlation indicates that younger Catholics are less likely to accept the proposition than are older Catholics. The Catholic immigrants were moving from a rural to an urban society, from an informal culture to a formal one, from an agricultural way of life to an industrial one. They were being rationalized with a vengeance. Certainly, their religious faith ought to erode under all those pressures. The Catholic Church had succeeded in defending the faith of the confused immigrants. It has had a much more difficult time in responding to the confusion created by the Vatican Council.