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The Characteristic Spectrum, Orcharcs

ByJ. Bowyer Bell, Barton Whaley

One or more of the six categories has been selected, the planner selects one or more appropriate bits from an infinite CHARACTERISTIC SPECTRUM. These are the CHARCS of cheating. The RUSE is the process of choosing the category such as dazzling or mimicking, and then the number of CHARCS to create either a COVER or an EFFECT. It must be noted that all showing-RUSES make use of hiding categories and CHARCS and that more than one category may be employed in any one RUSE. Few cheat solely for the pleasure of doing in pursuit of some goal, and this is particularly true in military matters. Generally, cheating is a purposeful human activity that contributes to a greater ambition. For Shirley and all other deception planners, the crucial moment comes as the EFFECT or COVER RUSE is transformed into an ILLUSION. This is the moment of deception, when the RUSE will be either accepted or rejected by the target audience, Heathcliff.