chapter  4
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CHAPTER 4: Deceivers and Dupes:Profiles

ByJ. Bowyer Bell, Barton Whaley

There are six categories of cheating and by using the Deception Loop, only one way of cheating (by using the Deception Loop), it is hardly surprising that there are relatively few types of persons who cheat or who are cheated. As Lincoln pointed out, it is possible to cheat all the people some of the time, so while some may not be promising deceivers, everyone is a potential dupe although some are more promising dupes than others. No one is quite sure what makes the ideal cheater, but the ideal dupe obviously accepts all EFFECTS and COVERS as ILLUSIONS every time. Some experts assume that the deceiver thinks in a different manner has what one magician called a "trick brain." The Rogue arrives at his rationalizations without great thought while the Rebel has a manifesto in mind. Rationalizations are necessary for the potential cheater, for whether Rogue or Rebel, his actions are directed by inner criteria.