chapter  6
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Chapter 6: Games and Sports

ByJ. Bowyer Bell, Barton Whaley

Games and Sports are rather different matters despite the fact that both are played. In games of chance, as in sports, one may resort to deception, bluff, pretense, and false signals, but the bottom line is winning money, not points. Bluffing is legal deception, and games that include it become games of skill and not mere games of chance. Despite the popularity of bluffing games, for some reason very few of the hundreds of card, dice, and board games incorporate the element of bluff. Consequently, in sports, to eliminate the element of chance, think small, go in quickly, get out swiftly, do not make a habit of cheating. World-class cheaters do not appear in books or lists; they clip their coupons in quiet. They have not played the game but exploited it, adjusted the odds, rearranged the results, deceived the innocent, and banked the results.