chapter  11
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Trans-Jordania * and Palestine

ByIsaiah Friedman

This chapter summarizes guidelines prepared by Sir John Shuckburgh for Winston Churchill. According to the guidelines, the western boundary of the vilayet of Damascus was the River Jordan. Palestine and Transjordania do not therefore stand upon quite the same footing. At the same time, the two areas are economically interdependent and their development must be considered as a single problem. While at the British Cabinet the prevailing view was that Trans-Jordania would become incorporated in Palestine on an autonomous basis, Churchill's projected solution discussed opened the door to eventual separation of Trans-Jordania from Palestine. Reverting to Palestine, Emir Abdullah broached an idea, which he volunteered as the "advice of a friend", that Arab-Jewish differences were more likely to be reconciled if he, under the High Commissioner's authority, were to be appointed Emir of both Palestine and Trans-Jordania.