chapter  VIII
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‘Autonomous’ Man

In this chapter, the authors deals with the 'structure' of the condition as a whole, with the disease as a clinical problem and the course which it has taken and is likely to take. There is the disturbance of man's relation to God. There is disturbance in the relationship between man and man. There is disturbance in man's relationship to nature. There is disturbance in man's relationship to time. The pursuit of supposedly 'pure' art results in the elimination of its intellectual content and its descent into the region of the sub- rational, and all these things together produce the 'polarization' of architecture and painting. Autonomous men do not and cannot exist—any more than can autonomous art, architecture, painting and so on. It is of the essence of man that he should be both natural and supernatural. Man is fully man only in so far as he is a repository of the divine spirit.