chapter  VI
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Chaos Unleashed

Painting in the modem age is the most unihibited of all the arts. The date of the 'Suenos' is 1792, when the French Revolution had reached its climax. The two series 'Suenos' and 'Disparates' are the real keys not only to artist own work but to the most essential thing in modem art. The general theme of the dreams, however, is the world of the monsters, of the demons, of the Infernal—Incubus and Succubus. The visible world, the world of actual forms in portraiture, landscape, life and every other kind of painting, even in what is alleged to be religious art, becomes alien, distorted and horrible. It has been said, of Greek art that it was harnessed between two mighty powers which were perpetually at its side and with which it ever had to strive throughout the whole of its existence in order to assert itself at all. These two powers were chaos and death.