chapter  8
Student Rebels and Juvenile Delinquents
ByWilliam Petersen
Pages 7

The Free Speech Movement on the Berkeley campus of the University of California was a transparent fraud. There was no subject - whether political, sexual, or felonious - about which from one week to the next there were not extremist views proclaimed on campus. Delinquency is not distinguished from adult crime merely by the age of the miscreant. The concept came into existence with Britain's Borstal system: an elaborate program of education, vocational training, and group counseling was followed by parole after release. Beginning in Illinois in 1899, a new method of dealing with young felons spread through the United States. Separate state laws were enacted to differentiate delinquency from adult crime, and separate courts were set up to try the cases. Often the student riots have a goal, either a factitious one like "free speech" or a real one. The protests against the war in Vietnam need only be mentioned for anyone alive to recall them.